The USTSF is in a building phase of the organization.  With our quite small staff (consisting of part-time volunteers), our main goal is to keep the US's foot in the door of the global foosball scene. As we grow with support from players, volunteers, and funding there are many additional goals and working areas that we can foresee trying to coordinate and help develop for the promotions of Foosball in the US... with an emphasis short term on promoting the US style of foosball, rules, events and players to a growing international sports scene.

The USTSF org chart shows either volunteers as discussed at the 2006 Tornado Worlds/Vegas, or likely candidates we have been in contact with for most of the categories we are required by ITSF to have committees for. Please circulate, evaluate, confirm/deny, re-recommend others as appropriate -- we do not want to leave spaces blank. Additional names for Co-Chair positions or for committee
positions, or even additional committees may be recommended to USTSF by contacting us at

Note: Positions with the names Dave Courington, Phil Schlaefer or Larry Davis, for example, are provided as placeholders as they are currently acting in these roles for USTSA or other organizations. As USTSF would like to both represent the players and be as independent of Valley-Dynamo and other manufacturers as possible, please feel free to volunteer for these positions as well. Also, Tom Yore and Adrian Zamora's involvement at the ITSF level with rules and officiating generally prevents them from filling the same roles with USTSF due to possible conflicts of interest.

Please remember, none of this is set in stone; but we need relatively firm commitments from those whose names we submit to ITSF. None of these posts are to be honorary or based on popularity -- they are actually going to require work from people who want to make a difference for our sport at every level from grass roots development to international competition. Now is the time to participate now, is the time to make a difference in the direction of how foosball in the USA interacts with foosball worldwide. Be a part of the "USA's Global Foosball Voice."


See below for additional information on each position or committee. In the future each Committee will have its own page on this site documenting its activities (if the committee has an existing page, its title heading will be a link to go there).


 Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors shall have general responsibility to define policies and establish procedures to be followed in carrying out the objectives and purposes of the corporation as set forth in its Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws.  They have the added responsibility of ratifying and proposing amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of the USTSF as well as the Bylaws of the USTSF. They are responsible for the approval of any appointments to the ITSF, USOC, IOC, and any USTSF committee members and Committee chairpersons.

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Director of the USTSF as appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Committee shall consist of persons appointed by the Board of Directors, including but not limited to the Secretary of the USTSF and the Treasurer of the USTSF, and serve at it’s will.  The committee shall assist the Executive Director, as needed, in the day to day operations of the USTSF. Review all proposals before putting them before the board for discussion/vote. Act in an oversight capacity with regards to committee appointment eligibility.  Any other duties or tasks assigned to it by the Board of Directors.  Serve in the capacity of Corporate Compliance oversight with regards to ethics and disclosure of conflicts of interest.  Submit reports to the Board of Directors as necessary giving summary and status of current, completed and pending actions of the Executive Committee after each meeting of the Committee or upon the completion of assigned tasks and duties.   

Secretary of the USTSF

The Secretary of the USTSF is responsible for the maintaining of the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, as well as any and all corporate documents of the Corporation (USTSF).  They additionally are responsible for maintaining copies of all minutes submitted from the working committees. The Secretary shall supervise the taking, making and distribution of all minutes, attend to the publication of official reports, attest documents, and perform such other functions as usually pertain to that office. Secretary shall oversee the record of the names and addresses of the members maintained by USTSF headquarters. The minutes of each meeting of the corporation shall be written in the manner and format prescribed by the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order (Newly Revised).   The Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee with both Voice and Vote within the committee.  The Secretary shall attend all meeting of the Board of Directors, with voice, but without vote. 

Treasurer of the USTSF 

The treasurer of the USTSF is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Corporation (USTSF).  The Treasurer shall oversee the finances of the corporation.  The Treasurer shall render an annual financial report to the members and such special reports as may from time to time be called for by or under the authority of the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer shall discharge such other duties as may be assigned by majority vote of the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer shall be a member of the Fundraising and Finance and Planning Committees.    The treasurer shall be a member of the Executive Committee with both Voice and Vote within the committee.  The treasurer shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, with Voice but without Vote. 

Player Development Committees 

National Team Selection Committee 

Responsible for establishing the selection process for the US National Table Soccer teams that will represent the United States in International Competition, within any guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors.  This includes International Team Competitions such as at the World Championship Series Events as well as the Table Soccer World Cup.  The committee is also responsible for the selection process for naming elective teams or individuals for individual or doubles international competitions such as the Wild cards teams at the annual Multi-table World Championships.  These developed selection processes are to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval prior to implementation. The committee is also responsible for the administration of the processes once approved by the Board of Directors. 

Women’s Development Committee

 Provide discussion and suggestions for the promotion of table-soccer as it relates to women and women’s issues.   

New Player Development

Develop and implement programs designed to increase participation and awareness of table-soccer at the grass roots level, for any and all ages.

Establish resources for use by the recreational players.  Recreational players represent the largest group of players.  They play the “game” of table-soccer and most have never entered a competition beyond the local level, if at all.  Provide resources to help to prepare recreational players to make the transition, if desired, to tournament competition.  Assist groups in the development of table-soccer players of all ages.  Provide support to member groups requiring assistance with recreational table-soccer activities.   

Core Players Services 

Establish resources for and pertaining to the core group of table-soccer players.  Core players are defined as the serious tournament players, most not yet at the Elite level of play, but tournament players nationally, regionally and locally.  They play the “sport” of table-soccer and take the game very seriously and compete on a variety of levels. Develop and implement programs designed to increase participation and retention of these “core” table-soccer players across the nation. 

Elite Players Services 

Establish resources for, pertaining to and provided by the Elite players.  Elite players are the very best of the Core players.  Elite players are the athletes that are proficient enough to compete on both the National and International Open level of play.  Develop and implement programs designed to increase participation and retention of the elite table-soccer players across the nation. 

Sport Guidelines Committees 


Constantly and consistently evaluate the Rules of Play, take suggestions and propose potential changes to and pertaining to the Rules of Play as adopted by the USTSF.  Submit any potential changes with corresponding evidence of the need for such change to the Board of Directors for vote and subsequent submission/application to the ITSF for rule change consideration, and/or adoption by the USTSF. 

Tournament Officiating 

Establish procedures for the instruction, evaluation and certification of new tournament officials.  Establish procedure for ongoing education, evaluation and re-certification of current officials.  Provide application and criteria for becoming and retaining certification.  Recommend any fee structures for the certification of officials as well as the fees  and methods of collection of the fees for performing officiating duties at tournaments and other competitions.   

Ratings and Rankings

Responsible for the development and implementation of the National rating and ranking  of players.  Deals directly with the local, regional and national promoters to constantly  upgrade and maintain the national rating database for any player who competes in state, regional and national tournaments.   

Disciplinary and Appeal

   Discuss and review discipline and appeals process, make suggestions for any necessary changes to the code and processes currently in place.  Review disciplinary and appeals cases brought before the USTSF according to the bylaws.  Member may be requested to sit on hearing panels as needed per USTSF guidelines and Bylaws. 

Equipment Standards 

Establish minimum standards and requirements for table-soccer equipment approval and ongoing quality control.  Evaluate current table-soccer equipment, including but not limited to, soccer tables, and make suggestions for improvements.  Review and suggest for approval any table soccer equipment submitted to the USTSF for approval (i.e. official tournament tables for competition, practice devices, training aids, etc)  

Sports Promotions Committees 

National Tournaments

 Provide discussion for, develop and maintain resources for National tournaments and promotions as they relate to the sport of table-soccer in the US 

Regional Tournaments

 Provide discussion for, develop and maintain resources for regional tournaments and promotions as they relate to the sport of table-soccer in the US 

Media Relations

Provide discussion for, develop and implement resources for relation pertaining to the media.  Including but not limited to press releases, and press coordination at table-soocer events. 

Charitable Organizations

Provide discussion and develop programs to work with other charitable organizations as they relate to table soccer in the Unites States. 

Hall of Fame

Provide discussion, and develop and maintain the selection process for the US Table Soccer Hall of Fame.  Responsible for implementing the programs and processes in place with regards to the Hall of Fame, it’s members and selection criteria.   

Fundraising and Sponsorship

 Provide discussion, develop and implement methods for raising the funds needed to run the USTSF. 

State and Regional Players Associations

 Develop and implement the resources to establish State and Regional player associations.  Provide assistance and needed to existing state association and clubs as needed.